About Us

Counsel, Artistic Direction, Exhibition Curating

Art Photo Projects provides on-going, hands-on advice to institutional bodies and companies regarding their projects artistic direction, production and image communication strategy.

We devise individual solutions tailored to our clients to meet communications styles and objectives. We have been passionately involved in photography for the past thirty years and now wish to develop a subtle dialogue between companies and the artistic creative process to enable legitimate, long-lasting image positioning.

Our skill and experience in this field allows us to work together with our clients to establish a strong position in this area of communication.

We have been working with companies to provide image positioning at some of the most important photography events, as artistic directors of Pernod Ricard’s annual carte blanche commission that is exhibited at Paris Photo; as curators of the thirtieth anniversary exhibition of Médecins du Monde and of the seventieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Amnesty International; for the SFR Jeunes Talents photography competition (from 2011 to 2014); with Olympus in connection with its sponsorship of the Rencontres d’Arles festival (from 2008 to 2016). Our approach to each project is end-to-end: we find suitable artistic photographers, produce the photographs, and develop the communication strategy, exhibition design and image positioning.

We are the founders of Vichy Portrait(s), a festival dedicated to portrait photography that has held fifteen exhibitions of work of various types, ranging from documentary tradition to fiction, from intimacy to more conceptual schemes.

We work with world famous photographers with international reputations and emerging young figures, always with the ambition of generating strong artistic stories that will support the communications targets of each task we are assigned.

Teams: 5 Etoiles Productions, a partner agency devoted to photo and video production, graphic designers, editors, media relation, film makers, exhibition designers, publishers…

Fany Dupêchez & Pascal Michaut, co-founders of Art Photo Projects

Fany Dupêchez

Artistic Director

As an artistic director, Fany Dupêchez has been organizing photography projects for thirty years. She is supported by and works closely with a network of international photographers, agents, institutional bodies and media.

As a national-level press photo editor, notably for L’Express in the 1990s, Fany worked with photography collective Tendance Floue during its growth period from 2003 to 2007, taking charge of the development of its cultural side. She creates Portrait(s) Festival in Vichy in 2013.

Her involvement in the photography sector and her understanding of the stakes behind brand communications are a major asset for businesses and institutions seeking to invest in photographic creation.

Pascal Michaut

Project Manager

After an early career in the French Air Force, Pascal Michaut entered the world of professional photography in 2005.

With his fine knowledge of creative photography, Pascal joined the cultural department of the historic agency Rapho and works with the collective Tendance Floue on a regular basis. He creates with Fany Dupêchez Portrait(s) Festival in Vichy in 2013. He manages the organization of projects assigned to Art Photo Projects, in close collaboration with the artists and stakeholders.