Château Palmer et Leica France

Résidence photographique
Château Palmer et Leica

Château Palmer et Leica se sont rapprochés pour créer un projet photographique commun. Ensemble, ils lancent INSTANTS, résidence photographique.

Grand cru classé à l’avant-garde, Château Palmer a construit sa notoriété sur la qualité de ses vins et ses choix pionniers en matière de viticulture, mais aussi sur sa créativité, infusée au travers de collaborations artistiques ambitieuses dans les domaines du jazz et de la photographie. De cette rencontre avec Leica, la référence mondiale de l’excellence en ingénierie optique et partenaire légendaire des plus grands photographes, est née la résidence INSTANTS à Château Palmer, portée par Art Photo Projects.

Ensemble, Château Palmer et Leica affirment par cette nouvelle résidence leur soutien à la création photographique contemporaine. Avec INSTANTS, Château Palmer et Leica accompagnent la création de l’artiste. Leica Camera France met ses appareils iconiques à sa disposition.

Missions Art Photo Projects : Sélection photographes - Direction artistique
Production d'un livre - Commissariat & Production d’exposition

Pernod Ricard

The Annual Carte Blanche

In 2014, the Pernod Ricard Group commissioned Fany Dupêchez and 5 Etoiles Productions to provide artistic direction for its annual photographic campaign. Committed as it has been from the start to the very latest photographic trends, the Group gave carte blanche to an internationally recognized photographer to shoot portraits of twenty of its employees from around the world, thus sharing a singular artistic experience with them. Since 2015, the photographic campaign has been exhibited at the Grand Palais, as part of Paris Photo.

Photographers in the most recent campaigns: Vee Speers, Li Wei, Omar Victor Diop, Martin Schoeller, Kourtney Roy, Stéphane Lavoué, Sanja Marušić.

Art Photo Projects missions : Artist Selection – Artistic Direction
Audiovisual Production - Exhibition Curation and Production

In collaboration with 5 Etoiles Productions, partner agency specialised in photography and video production.



HUAWEI France has handed over the artistic direction of HUAWEI Gallery for PARIS PHOTO to Fany Dupêchez and Cinq Etoiles Productions. A major player in the mobile photography sector, the brand has sponsored the fair for the second year running.

Art Photo Projects missions : Artist Selection – Artistic Direction
Audiovisual Production - Exhibition Curation and Production

In collaboration with 5 Etoiles Productions.

Amnesty International

70th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights Exhibition

As to reaffirm its commitment to the foundation statement adopted in 1948 by the United Nations, Amnesty International initiated an original photographic assignment to highlight the scope and essential values in the Declaration.

Photographers :
Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, Claudia Huidobro & Tendance Floue, Ulrich Lebeuf / MYOP, Sebastian Liste / Noor Images, Lorenzo Meloni / Magnum Photos, Zanele Muholi, Yann Rabanier / Modds, Anton Renborg, SMITH.

Each of them with his/her own style and approch produced images on some of the major issues of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights : human dignity, justice, the right to love, education, freedom of expression, the right to free movement,...

Art Photo Projects missions : Artistic Direction - Exhibition Curating & Production - Audiovisual Production - Catalog Publishing

Médecins du Monde

Exhibition celebrating thirty years of activity by the NGO in France

Artistic Direction – Exhibition curation & production
Audiovisual production - catalogue publication

Mise au poing is an exhibition that helps marginalized people to regain an image, to give them a face, and thus creates an image of them through the gaze of the film-maker and the six photographers who went to meet them : Christophe Acker, Claudine Doury, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Cédric Gerbehaye, Valérie Jouve, Denis Rouvre, Henk Wildschut.

For thirty years, Médecins du Monde has been fighting against marginalization in France, by providing those least privileged with access to care, and by acting as witnesses and pleading on their behalf.


Partnership with Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles

From 2008 to 2016, Fany Dupêchez and Pascal Michaut have worked alongside Olympus, advising them on the choices to make in support of photographers and thus to position the brand at the Rencontres d’Arles. At the same time they have devised and staged the Olympus photographic conversations between photographers of international renown and students graduating from the Ecole nationale supérieure de la photographie.

Each year, this exchange of views around art and training brings together great names and emerging young talents in the world of photography, featuring them in both exhibitions and discussions:
Sarah Moon,  Stanley Greene, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Françoise Huguier, Antoine d'Agata, Denis Rouvre, Dorothée Smith, Paolo Woods, Denis Darzacq, Corinne Mercadier, Olivier Culmann, Klavdij Sluban avec Lise Dua, Jeannie Abert, Matthieu Rosier, Sajede Sharifi, Santiago Torres, Sven Daniel, Rebecca Topakian, Elsa Leydier, Swen Renault, Barnabé Moinard, Pauline Rousseau, Florian Maurer.

In 2015, an exhibition was held at the Galerie Filles du Calvaire of works by the photographers who had been involved in the Olympus Photographic Conversations since 2013, and a book featuring the same works was published by Filigranes.

Art Photo Projects missions : Counsel - Artistic Direction - Exhibition Curating & Production - Publishing

SFR Jeunes Talents Photo

SFR Jeunes Talents Photo Competitions

Tracking young talents and organizing photo competitions
Exhibition curation and production

Each year from 2009 to 2014, ArtPhotoProjects has organized two SFR Young Photo Talents competitions, one for the Recontres d’Arles Festival, the other for the Paris Photo Salon, by preselecting finalists, keeping track of winners, and designing exhibitions.

In order to lift the vitality of the Paris Photo and Recontres d’Arles exhibitions, it provides public relations, portfolio readings, mass public media coverage and a photo studio.

Festival Portrait(s), Vichy  

Festival devoted to portrait photography

Founded by Fany Dupêchez, Pascal Michaut and Karim Boulhaya, the Festival features portraits of all kinds, from the documentary tradition to the fictional, from the intimate to more conceptual schemes, offering a journey through portrait photography in all its forms and traditions.

Portrait(s) supports contemporary creative work and each year invites a photographer to take part in a residence in Vichy.

Since 2013, the festival has enabled the public to discover or rediscover the work of some fifty famous and emerging photographers, thereby helping them to see the art of the portrait in many different ways.
Martin Schoeller, Charles Fréger, Frédéric Stucin, Claudine Doury, Rima Samman, Ed Alcock, Paolo Verzone, Chris Steele-Perkins, Galerie Les Douches (Arlene Gottfried, Bruce Wrighton, Paul Pouvreau, Sébastien Camboulive, Alexis Cordesse), Bastiaan Woudt, Benni Valsson, Turkina Faso, Tish Murtha, Michal Chelbin, Olivier Culmann, Ambroise Tézenas, Philippe Halsman, Justine Tjallinks, Denis Dailleux, Mattia Zoppellaro, Nelli Palomäki, Gilles Coulon, Thomas Sauvin, Karma Milopp, Mark Seliger, Liu Bolin, Sandra Rocha, Pierre Gonnord, Claudia Imbert, Catherine Balet, Christer Strömholm, Stephen Shames, agence Modds, Bernard Chevalier, Jérôme Bonnet, Sylvie Meunier, Sarah Moon, Denis Rouvre, Dorothée Smith, Vanessa Winship, Pascal Aimar, Jeanloup Sieff, Jim Naughten, Bruce Gilden, Vee Speers, Martina Bacigalupo, Claudia Huidobro, Michael Wolf, Yusuf Sevinçli, Cédric Delsaux, Ludovic Combe, Bruce Wrighton, Richard Pak, Kourtney Roy, Mat Jacob, Alejandro Cartagena, Irina Ionesco, Rachel Rom, Elliott Erwitt, Ronan Guillou, Jean Depara, Paola de Pietri, Nicolas Comment, Hellen van Meene, Nicola Lo Calzo, Maï Lucas, Ruud van Empel, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Jean-Marie Périer, Anton Renborg, Julia Gat...