Art Photo Projects - Filigranes Publishing - Book Echanges de vues

Filigranes Publishing - Book Echanges de vues

Photographic Conversations
Olympus / Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie

In 2013 Olympus started a bold dialogue between internationally recognized photographers and emerging young figures in the contemporary world of photography. Each year, three graduating students from the École nationale supérieure de la photographie at Arles get to meet three great names in photography and together they start to discuss a corpus of works taken from the archive of the “reference” photographer. The “sponsored” photographer is invited to take them for him- or herself and then create images that respond to them.

Échanges de vues revives the eternal debate on the ideas of heritage and influence that underly all creative activity. By setting the stage for the development of photographic styles in the process of becoming, these face-to-face encounters revisit the student-instructor relationship, opening the way to a new enlightenment based on transmission and exchange.

Excerpt from the text by Fany Dupêchez, Photographic Conversations Artistic Director.