Art Photo Projects - Cédric Delsaux for Portrait(s) 2014

Cédric Delsaux
Portrait(s) 2014

Échelle 1 - Éditions Filigranes

Echelle 1 is a photograph of "landscape with portrait." However, these portraits have a feature that takes a device: a base. Each person is asked to get on the base, it becomes a character. His own character. Add to it, then, to interpret it in his own way. It can exaggerate, freeze or even disappear: the top of the base of the pedestal––​​there is neither good nor bad posture.

The artist was commissioned by the City, host of the Portrait photographic event (s). His series Scale 1 is the third part of the staff work long-term. He started at Fort Mahon, on the Picardy coast, and then in the gardens of Versailles for a special edition of Télérama. Here, for the official framework. But what drives this photographer who usually works for advertising? "We must first place there. This photo gaining strength if there is a relationship between the landscape and the person. It’s like theater, there is a setting and the person becomes a character, a figurine. "

Excerpt from text by Natacha Wolinski

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