Art Photo Projects - Anton Renborg for Portrait(s) 2016

Anton Renborg
Portrait(s) 2016

Daysinvichy - Éditions Filigranes

Pacing Vichy’s streets, parks and bars by day and night, in both fair weather and foul, Anton Renborg became fascinated by the special atmosphere of the spots he visited. He offers images of a health resort infused with the greatness of its imperial past, a worldly, stylish town swaggering beneath an over-excess of ornament, a place of display that is also a shadow theatre where dark, David-Lynchish figures wait, cloaked in solitude, when night falls. Through these images, almost none of them landscapes or panoramas, almost all vertical, the city seems to be living its secret stories in isolation.

Excerpt from text by Natacha Wolinski

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